bake in your underwear sometime, you’ll love it!

if i haven’t already mentioned it, i’m pretty in love with living on my own. preeeeetty in love. and i found another reason why this evening. i’ve been craving cookies. come to think of it, i’ve been craving all kinds of sweet stuff lately. it’s that being a girl thing…ya know, once a month all you want is what’s bad for you?! wait, REWIND!? i always want what’s bad for me, i just lose my mind over chocolate and sweets once a month – like lose. my. mind. i wanted to make cookies, but i have limited baking supplies. thank god for joy the baker! i did a little search on her blog and came up with this wonderful, flourless peanut butter cookie recipe!

so here i am happily fluttering about my teensy, tiny kitchen in my underwear – yes, in my underwear, clothes are overrated – at half past midnight, baking cookies, watching “clerks” and brewing iced green tea in order to feed my addiction (side note: so everyone always raved about the shaken iced green tea lemonade at starbucks and i thought it must be better than just the plain iced green tea. not true. the other night i just went ahead and tried the plain iced green tea and realized that all this time i really should have just been ordering that one. it’s the best drink in the world). oh yeah, i’m doing laundry as well, but who even cares about that??

you didn't think i'd actually take a picture of myself in my underwear, did you?! yeah right.

<3 A

ooooh, time to edit this post: i just ate one of these cookies and they are BY FAR the best peanut butter cookies to ever grace my taste buds. no joke. i want to eat all two dozen myself right now….

2 Responses to “bake in your underwear sometime, you’ll love it!”
  1. Sarah says:

    I remember that little egg whisk guy!

  2. Chrissie says:

    I love the little egg whisk, we have the tiny fry pan and spatula with him on! Those cookies do sound yummy!

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